Product Overview

Eco-friendly plumbing transferring hot spilled energy to fresh water.
Reuse the heat from wastewater with this innovative plumbing design.
As the wasted hot water flows through the HeatBack fitting, heat is recovered and 
feeds back to assist the hot water heater, saving power and money. 

It may also make you feel better doing your green bit to save the environment.
The more people engage, the quicker the CO2 emission is reduced.

HeatBack's efficient compact and horizontal action is achieved through technology that uses a combination of shape, gravity, centrifugal force, momentum and control of flow directions.  Standard models are designed to process wastewater in densities usually found in households.  

Easy new or retrofit installation

Heatback is compact and designed for quick 'new' or 'retro-installation' to drains under showers, basins and other ‘use and spill’ facilities. Heatback is a mere 252 x 252 and 225mm high and requiring only 150 millimeters of line fall in the discharge pipeline.   It will fit in long span framed or under concrete floors.

HeatBack's small size also suits some installations near (double) sinks, where the pre-heated water can be fed directly to a sink mixer tap. 

Conforming to NZS4305, HeatBack's domestic design is envisaged to come in three flow rate application groups capable of pre-warming cold water to 20C. (Based on typical use of domestic hot water in a temperate climate).  

Where there are more shower cubicles or hand washing basins, a single HeatBack can process three to five simultaneous discharges, depending on the model and configuration selected.

HeatBack's principle design formula can be applied for larger size waste pipes and/or for peripheral processing of discharges for businesses and industrial applications.  Please contact us for more information.

Please note that fouling will occur. 
The spectacles point to easy inspection points.
Cleaning restores design recovery. It may also be done while the shower is in service.