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Off the Grid - Great Barrier Island

posted 27 Jun 2016, 15:13 by HeatBack Ltd   [ updated 27 Jun 2016, 15:13 ]
13 – 15 May 2016
Great Barrier Island has no reticulated power. Every household and business has to make its own. We thought this was a good place to take our Heatback unit. Solar panels and a Heatback make a great combination as Heatback reduces both kWh and storage capacity. 

We boarded the ferry and arrived in Tryphena with plenty of time before the Off the Grid Event began with introductions of new technology on the Friday night. The event also involved product exposure and there was a good response to our product. Not surprisingly the use of Solar PV was widespread with 5kW systems including storage now installed for around $10k. The introduction of eco-friendly saltwater batteries also seems a great improvement. Despite that, we understood most households still heated hot water with firewood. There’s some more decarbonisation work to be done in this area. Whether we successfully marketed that message remains to be seen. We had a great time enjoying wonderful scenery, warm, friendly people and a welcome opportunity to show Heatback.