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Wastewater recovery systems such as Heatback have now been classified under AS3498 Water Heaters. Heatback is tested to this safety standard as well as AS/NZ 3500 for a Watermark accreditation.

Independent performance tests

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We are about to receive a report from an independent laboratory, KIWA, who are readily equipped and experienced to perform tests on plumbing products as are SHRUs.
Results are soon to be published on this website under the Endorsements Page.
In the meantime ask us to email a copy for your info. 


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We're pleased to be notified that we have won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2016.

The Heatback waste heat recovery system has been chosen as one of nine winners in three categories from 500 international entries. 

For more info. see   The Green Organisation Website.

Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards

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We were advised that we were pipped at the post for this award for selection as finalists. The judges however commented on the interesting and well-written entry and the story behind the evolution of Heatback.

For what it’s worth

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Energy down the drain is not a myth. We noticed on social media that sceptics are saying that the hot water temperature from the shower rose drops by as much as 15°C by the time it enters the waste plug. We believe they should get their thermometer checked over. We measured the drop to be only 3.5 to 4.7°C and these readings were from the rose through the trap to the entry pipe of the HeatBack unit. Unless you’re taking cold showers, there’s still plenty of heat to recover.

Field test result and the proven need for regular inspections

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The latest monitoring from field tests show that periodic cleaning of the unit is a must if you want to maintain best efficiency. Our test showed a 10.8% increase of thermal output after cleaning. The unit had been in place for 15 months and was used daily by two people. Contrary to other designs, Heatback is the only domestic heat exchanger that has incorporated an easy cleaning facility. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the degree of use and the detergents or personal care products used. We can send before and after pictures at your request. Ask us via

10 Star-Homes – Christchurch

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Joop went to Christchurch to meet with Greg Chawynski, the director of 10 Star Homes. The sampling of the Heatback unit and its capabilities was well received and a model is now displayed in their showroom. Greg was recently seen on a TV1 news item, reporting on sustainable use of energy in homes and on the road. “It is all here now” he says. You can view the TVNZ video via the link below.

Off the Grid - Great Barrier Island

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13 – 15 May 2016
Great Barrier Island has no reticulated power. Every household and business has to make its own. We thought this was a good place to take our Heatback unit. Solar panels and a Heatback make a great combination as Heatback reduces both kWh and storage capacity. 

We boarded the ferry and arrived in Tryphena with plenty of time before the Off the Grid Event began with introductions of new technology on the Friday night. The event also involved product exposure and there was a good response to our product. Not surprisingly the use of Solar PV was widespread with 5kW systems including storage now installed for around $10k. The introduction of eco-friendly saltwater batteries also seems a great improvement. Despite that, we understood most households still heated hot water with firewood. There’s some more decarbonisation work to be done in this area. Whether we successfully marketed that message remains to be seen. We had a great time enjoying wonderful scenery, warm, friendly people and a welcome opportunity to show Heatback.

Eco-tech of the future is already here.

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Watch this fascinating report from One News Now, on how smart homes are already making our lives easier, and our planet more sustainable.


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Heatback units now available.  What are you waiting for? Inquire or order yours here.

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