Heatback Products

We have currently three models available for homes, HB65A, B and C, providing multiple configuration options.

Built to last 50+ years, an indicative Pay-back from HeatBack with intense use from 4 showers daily, would cover the unit’s purchase cost in or  around two years.

Model HB65A

    Model Heatback HB65A wtw SHRU.
  • Thermal power 4-5 kW at 6 - 9 L/min.
  • Conduit (code regulated) 10L/min. cold flow.
  • P-drop 48 to 102 kPa at 6 to 9L/min.
  • Use with even or uneven flows



Model HB65B

    Model Heatback HB65B wtw SHRU.

  • Thermal power 3-4 kW at 6 - 9 L/min.
  • Conduit (code regulated) 20L/min. cold flow. 
  • P-drop 20 kPa at 6L/min. 
  • Use with low pressure or with ≥75kPa systems and higher than 10L/min. flow rates


Model HB65C

     Model Heatback HB65C  wtw SHRU.       
  • Thermal power 4 kW at 6 L/min
  • Conduit 10L/min. cold flow. 
  • P-drop 48 kPa at 6L/min.
  • Use with water scarcity

Model HB65D double wall
     Model 65D  Industrial RU.     
  • Thermal power 2-2.5 kW (if water to water). (Check corrosion resistance with use of other refrigerants)
  • Suitable with prolonged rinsing only. 
  • Conduit of double HT wall construction
  • Use in jurisdictions that exclude single wall version.

EM5 Threaded rod

    Suspension Kit (for model A to D)

  • M5 x 140mm s/s Threaded Leveling Rod, x4,
    with serrated flange hex nut. 
  • S Suit most durable 'stood' installations


FFlushing Jet Assy 
 Flushing Jet Assembly
  • 15 x 10mm (1/2"BSPT x 3/8") pipe Brass nipple, olive, crox nut,8mm (5/16") nozzle in 10mm (3/8") swiveling tail pipe 
  • Warning label: “Avoid permanent connection to drinking water supply” (Hose connect only)
  • Helpful for people with diminished physical ability.


Pipe Reducer Kit

Pipe Reducer Kit
  • Replaces 65mm Entry Pipe with especially prefabricated DWV50 reducer assembly and DWV50 spigot for downstream pipe. (2 Top items are part of Heatback unit)
  • Essential for control of run-off angle, waste flow momentum entering the unit and least restricted discharge function
  • The PRK, if required, should be ordered with the selected Heatback model.