Independent opinions and contributions

Reporting that conform global trends, Kiwis’ demand for eco-products is growing too. Because:
  • They care
  • They want to add value stars to their home designs
  • They want to go off the grid
  • They simply want to save on their power bills.
It is now 3 years since the series-produced product launch and we've received positive reactions, such as:

"Just to let you know we installed the HeatBack unit last week without having to break any laws and it looks to be running perfectly. Immediately noticed the change in the mixer lever position necessary to give a correct shower temperature. Thanks."

"Once again, Thanks for an elegant and functional system. Hamish"

"Hi Joseph, go for it, you are welcome. By the way, the plumbing was to the regulations, we did not need to do anything dodgy. I have no idea why the first plumber baulked at it. Regards, John"

Best Practice

Co-R&D Partner with Heatback Ltd.