Two things worth saving

Save your money! 

According to HEEP The average New Zealand household hot water use, the bill may be calculated at $970 pa for 2.6 people.
(See HEEP: BRANZ 2010 )

A maximum of 50 percent of the energy used by one hot water fixture, such as a bathroom shower can be extracted, and mostly reused by fitting only one dedicated HeatBack equating to over $300 per year in savings according to average supplier charges available at
Larger than average  households may recover up to $800.

A possible higher temperature differential, as would occur in colder or elevated regions and the number of times re-captured warmth is cycled repeatedly through the HeatBack unit, increase these savings even more.

Most competing products ignore the effect of inevitable fouling. With HeatBack you can easily inspect / clear the fouling so that the design efficiency is maintained for life.

Visit our calculator to work out how much money HeatBack can save you. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions about Saving money for more explanations and examples.

Save our planet! 

HeatBack reduces the energy used to heat hot water making our environment safer by lowering harmful emissions associated with energy generation.

One HeatBack can reduce an average household’s CO2 ‘footprint’ by 170kg!  This could be a lot higher if you often use HW at peak power demand when gas or coal is used for generation. 

HeatBack is built and installed on fair trading principles to ISO, NZBC, AS/NZ standards, using environmentally sensitive production methods and 100 percent recyclable materials. And, HeatBack’s compact size represents a significant reduction in the amount of materials normally used to construct water heat recovery systems making this a good exchanger for fewer resources, easy maintenance and quick response.

Saving the planet by design and manufacture
HeatBack's design subscribes to AS/NZS6400 and NZS4305.5.2.1and 2; the performance standards to deal with the eco friendly use of energy, including reduced flow rate for water conservation.

Visit our our Frequently Asked Questions about saving our planet page for further discussion on HeatBack's environmental benefits.