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Saving our planet

How much can I save from my carbon footprint?  
From an average of 1700 kg p.a. per household 175 kg and more may be saved from Waste Heat recovering. 

Where can I read more about use of household energy in discharge systems? 
Go to World Plumbing Council, Otago University Website   and HEEP 2010 (BRANZ)

We have our HW cylinder at the lowest setting to avoid children getting burnt; Does the temperature of the water affect the efficiency of the HB? 
Yes. The HB peak efficiency rating we use in our promotions is designed for the spillage temperature of ±38°C in summer and ±42°C in winter. With this system you cannot loose even if your shower is somewhat cooler.

Why are solar heaters not as effective as expected for saving our environment? 
It is due to peak power demand increases fired by coal, oil or gas at peak times when solar radiation is poor.

What is HeatBack's environmental impact? 
This device enables you to contribute to making the environment safer by lowering harmful emissions associated with power generation.  You can reduce your households  CO2 output. Hot water heating is reported to produce 1.7 tons p.a. per average household. Saving 11 to 16% of that collectively would make a significant dent in the overall CO2 contribution. Greatest savings are during the winter particularly when peak demand generation is likely to be using Oil, Coal or Gas. HeatBack is built using durable materials that have stood the test of time in domestic plumbing. "Copper is the recycling champion." All materials used are time tested in plumbing and 100% recyclable. Recycling codes will be provided with the unit. Although we believe it to be very positive, we have yet to complete an EIR / LCA. Any volunteers out there?

Is the water supply in my area corrosive to copper?
Unlikely with some exceptions. If you have concerns please address this question to your local water supply authority.