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Saving your money

What can I save?
You save on the COST of energy by reusing the energy in first and possibly subsequent cycles.  
AIR POLLUTION: This device also enables you to contribute to making the environment safer by lowering harmful emissions associated with power generation.  

How much can I save from my power bill? 
Our NZ model work out on 2010 electricity price and  COlevels gave these estimates for Households with only one HB unit connected to a shower fixture. Usage flow rates are based on surveyed and anecdotal findings. (BRANZ HEEP Report 2006-2010)  Average 2008 NZ Household of 2.6 persons: $320 p.a.   Household of 3 persons: $370 p.a.   Household of 4 persons: $492 p.a.   Household of 5 persons: $615 p.a.   Household of 6 persons: $738 p.a. In-shell thermal power recapture grouped by DHW supply pressure and perceived common habitual use for heat rise is:  2.265kWh with low pressure  3.763kWh with Medium pressure  3.537kWh with High (Mains) pressure Refer also our HeatBack Flowchart Selection Criteria for saving indications with specific configurations. More info

How much can I save? 
You can work out your annual future energy savings by the total of the hours your household uses per week for hot water, multiply this by 3.5 and again by 52 and again by the cost of electricity, gas or fuel equivalent in kW. Example: 20 hours x 3.5(kW recovered) x 52 (weeks) x NZ$0.25 =  $910.00 Note; There are other savings in making your hot water supply system last longer as well as to cost of money outlay. There is however some heat loss in the pipe runs. As a guide for 2012: The reported average cost for hot water supply for electricity users was NZ$960 per household p.a. An average Household in 2006 was 2.6 persons and trending downward.  

Where else can I save? 
Consider also this in-sync option when installing a HeatBack: 
  1. Install an easy-to-clean trap in your gurglers, if access to the HeatBack is difficult. A clean Heatback works best without fouling. 
  2. Inspect place and/or repair the insulation of hot water pipes. 
  3. If you have in the past upgraded to medium or high pressure water supply by replacing an old Hot Water Supply fixture, without having reviewed pipe sizes, you can save substantially more by having your hot water supply pipe sizing adjusted to reduce waste and waiting at the tap.

Do I have to use a lot of hot water to 
make a saving?
To the contrary. The HB’s instant response heat delivery for reuse is ideal for short-burst-use of your hot water fixture. The key factor is the temperature of the warm water that is spilled, versus de temperature of the fresh water your hot water system takes in. 

Can I still save money if I have a 
low Pressure water system? 
Depends. The pressure may be marginal in some systems. HeatBack is suitable for all pressure systems between 70kPa and mains pressure. Though we can make a low friction model available, lower pressure levels are unconfirmed until the final friction verification test of the HeatBack actual product.