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Maintaining a HeatBack

Will I need to carry out periodic inspections?
Yes. But if, for example, you already use an easy-to-clean waste trap in your shower or sink plug strainer, the HB will be largely self cleaning and: Yes. An indication is once a year. To avoid losing maximum efficiency of the heat recovery system, de-fouling and possibly de-scaling will be required. Regular inspections early on, will reveal the need and frequency for this in your household. Unlike most other designs, the HB provides easy in-service access for this purpose. Ensure the HB processing platform remains suspended in the perfect horizontal plane.

What could go wrong with it?
HB supplies exchangers especially designed for household use. These are designed, manufactured, distributed and installed under a stringent Quality Assurance regime.  Eventually, five decades on, the seals may perish due to aging, line hammer and/or corrosive use. Refer to Heat resistance and Corrosion resistance. Worst case scenario is when the copper pipe has corroded. In such unlikely event the discharge pipe outlet at the gully trap will noticeably run on. Overhaul of the unit is then required. Contact us for parts.

How can I inspect and clear the fouling and scaling?
Contrary to other known heat exchangers, HeatBack provides in-service access, much like a drain inspection riser. This will enable users to maintain peak thermal power performance. Cleaning is done with an old toothbrush. Cleaning products, if needed, may vary from white vinegar to hydrochloric acid. Do not leave acidic products in there for long, certainly not overnight.

How long does a HeatBack last?

HeatBack is built using materials that have stood the test of time in domestic plumbing. The design Life Cycle is 50 Years for standard executions.  A 50 year LC design requires all fasteners to be in stainless steel.  The units are for installations for spillage processing up to 72ºC for prolonged periods . Remote de-fouling by means of a flushing jet is offered as an option. This may be useful for people with diminishing physical ability.