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Will the HB make any noise? 
Though HeatBack exploits turbulence for better heat transfer performance, no additional noise has been noticed during testing. HeatBack units remain within the recommended maximum velocities for pipe sizing, provided the recommended installation procedures are followed. 

How long will the HB unit last?
Life expectancy is a minimum of 30 years. A (NZBC Clause B2) The standard model, using stainless fasteners, is 50 years by design. 

How will I know that it is working properly? 
The HB provides in-service access for this purpose. Refer to ‘periodic cleaning’ comments in the User Guide.

Will thermal power performance be maintained? 
With design intended normal use the HeatBack is largely self cleaning. At intervals determinable by the intensity of your use, the processing coil and shell may be flushed. Fouling is reducing the performance by 10%.
Before and after test we conducted after 15 months of daily use showed a drop of 10.8% (Or from 19 to17C)
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