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Buying a HeatBack

When and where are they available? 
At present there are three models available for household use, HB65A, B & C, for best use at 5 to 13 litres per minute. They are offered online only via this website or email 

Can I place an order now? 
Yes, thanks! Simply complete our pre-order form. The  HeatBack units model HB65A and B are usually in stock.

Which model HB should I buy? 
For best efficiency and to suit your preferred use, you may select between different HB modules for:  
  • HB65A for 6-9 litres per minute flow rate for Unequal, Medium and High Pressure Systems; (Available now) pressure drop of this model is 50 kPa. (102 kPa at 9L/min.) Note code regulations allow up to 10L/min. for this unit. By piping the pre-warmed water to the mixer you can reduce the velocity.
  • HB65B for 6-13 L/min. flow rate for Low to High Pressure Systems. (pressure drop of this model is, with 20 kPa, is the lowest available).  Note noise regulations allow up to 20L/min. for this unit.
  • HB65C for 5-6 Litres per minute flow rate. Use with water scarcity;  (Please state pressure of your supply system). You may need to check if this is practical before ordering as these are made to order only). 
  • Refer also to Product Overview or 'Order' page for model selection assistance.

Please note:  Models HB65A to C are sized for discharge pipes up to 65mm and a flow rate demand to 13 ltr/min. Flow rates above 13L/min. may use any two modules in parallel configuration or one unit may be configured for uneven flows to serve up to six hot water fixtures. 

Heat resistance; The above rigid PVC /Nitrile/Cu design are formulated and tested to process domestic wastewater up to 72ºC.  (AS/NZSS 1260) The same standard as applicable to town sewer systems. Run off from industrial type dishwashers using steam may require a especially assembled heat resistant solution. 

Corrosion resistance; Copper. Of the 19 identified chemicals or mixes that must not be used with the copper exchanger, 6 are here listed: Acetylene; ammonium; ferric chloride; ferric sulphate (which may be found in some town water); silver salts and mercury.