Hot water contains energy - a precious resource that comes at huge cost to us and our natural environment.  

Reusing wastewater heat 
can halve the waste.

Recovering the warmth from the waste water and using it to preheat cold water entering the hot water supply system reduces the energy required to raise water temperature to the desired level, saving you money and helping to save our planet.

The problem with older systems is they ignore fouling and are often too large to retrofit into an existing single level housing. Some also have a basic design flaw. This makes them inefficient for short-burst-use such as when rinsing... until now. Heatback is different. Read more here.

The smallest unit ever

Heatback's compact design makes it amazingly versatile for installation, inspection and maintenance.

From home, hotel, hospital and ablution block to coffee shop

At 4 to 5 kWh returns for first cycle reuse, there are huge cost savings benefits from Heatback, especially for four or more persons households and those using hot water commercially. 

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Fast response

Heatback's response time is very quick. This means that unlike older systems, it's excellent for 'short-burst' domestic use like showering and hot water rinsing.  It warms up in under 3 seconds and begins transferring heat at its maximum immediately. 

This instantaneous response makes Heatback perfect for applications where the pre-warmed water is fed directly to a tap for immediate use. Or, it can be directed to the hot water heating system to reduce energy consumption there.

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  • PROGRESS! Wastewater recovery systems such as Heatback have now been classified under AS3498 Water Heaters. Heatback is tested to this safety standard as well as AS/NZ 3500 for a Watermark ...
    Posted 8 Feb 2019, 14:16 by Industry Publishing
  • Independent performance tests We are about to receive a report from an independent laboratory, KIWA, who are readily equipped and experienced to perform tests on plumbing products as are SHRUs.Results are soon ...
    Posted 9 Mar 2017, 14:49 by HeatBack Ltd
  • Hooray! We're pleased to be notified that we have won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice 2016.The Heatback waste heat recovery system has been chosen as one ...
    Posted 13 Mar 2017, 16:53 by HeatBack Ltd
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Combination with other sustainable energy systems
Why bother while I use solar energy for my hot water?
Because with a HeatBack you can reduce your kWh load and reduce storage capacity and will need decidedly fewer sunshine hours. Besides, the shorter the days, the colder it gets, the higher the output of a HeatBack and the longer the solar system and HW tank will last.  

The combination of PV solar panels and a HeatBack will get you much closer to being independent from the grid. HeatBack with a wetback system will also help you do your bit to reduce harmful emissions.